mandag den 13. august 2012


I dag skal jeg sove. Hvis I vil se en, der sover på en mere nuttet måde end mig, så se lige her:

Today I'll sleep. If you want to see someone sleeping in a cuter way Thrane, check this:

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  1. i'm sorry you missed the closing ceremonies. we did too. m and c have been trying to watch as much as possible on the internet (since we don't have a tv). they just heard that nbc has some good coverage.

    your noro sweater is just GORGEOUS!!!! now you need winter!

    congratulations to the newlyweds!

  2. Sov godt. Man kan blive noget så træt!

  3. Lisbeth - det var sandelig en hård én, med to vagter og alt for lidt søvn. Hold op, hvor var jeg brugt!

    Dorina - I watched a little bit at work. Quite amazing!
    I love my sweater so badly.... The newlyweds were very nice guests. (But of course - he is my nephew with the biggest, brown eyes and just as cute as when he was a toddler....)


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